Monday, August 16, 2010


With being a new mom, it isn't too often that 'relaxation' is part of my daily routine! Lil' G's nap time is FULL of getting tasks done around the house, and now...posting a blog entry ;)

Iced Cappuccino
When visiting my sister, I was asked by her friend P to make cupcakes for her daughters pool party - ahhhhh a pool party - lounging by the pool, in the pool, feeling the heat of the sun, I close my eyes and picture it! Soooo relaxing. After some discussion with E, her likes, her dislikes, etc... it was mentioned that her favorite summer drink is Iced Capp from TH - I knew exactly what cupcake to bake!

Cross Section of Iced Cappuccino after being dipped in milk chocolate

The Iced Cappuccino cupcake is a chocolate mocha base with a cappuccino flavoured meringue buttercream. I decided to make it extra special by making it a 'High-Hat' cupcake and dipping it in milk chocolate...Mmmmm!


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