Monday, August 30, 2010

Cupcakes fit for a Princess

I am so thankful and grateful for my family and extended families support with this cupcake venture. This past week my cousin and her family came to visit my lil'guy. Not only did she spoil him with a brand new block set, but she even spoiled ME with a Wilton cooling rack! LOVE IT!!!!!

Her little princess was turning 5 the very next weekend - so of course we started talking Cupcakes!!!

I find that princesses are often misrepresented as picky and diva-like. Not this Birthday Princess! She went for the traditional mix of Vanilla Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes and Marble Cupcakes. They were topped with a creamy delicious Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream tinted pink, purple and blue (we had to include the boys somehow). To make them extra special I adorned them with 'princess silver jewels' and Happy Birthday cupcake flags.

Vanilla, Chocolate and Marble cupcakes with tinted Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Thursday, August 26, 2010


My niece turned 8 this past week! She is one of those kids who sees the good in everything and makes you smile everyday! She is the girliest girl that I know; has wardrobe changes daily and is always willing to try a new lip gloss or nail polish!

I thought that her dream cupcake would consist of pink and glitter + sparkles... NOPE!
She couldn't decide between chocolate and vanilla cupcakes so we compromised and chose a marble cupcake. Then for the frosting she knew immediately that Nutella had to be in there! She would eat nutella in some shape or form daily if she could!!!

Italian Marble Cupcakes

 So, half of the cupcakes were adorned with a Nutella Swiss Buttercream and the other half with a Vanilla Swiss Buttercream. Thus the 'Italian Marble' Cupcake was born and is now offered under the Favorites Tab.


Monday, August 16, 2010


With being a new mom, it isn't too often that 'relaxation' is part of my daily routine! Lil' G's nap time is FULL of getting tasks done around the house, and now...posting a blog entry ;)

Iced Cappuccino
When visiting my sister, I was asked by her friend P to make cupcakes for her daughters pool party - ahhhhh a pool party - lounging by the pool, in the pool, feeling the heat of the sun, I close my eyes and picture it! Soooo relaxing. After some discussion with E, her likes, her dislikes, etc... it was mentioned that her favorite summer drink is Iced Capp from TH - I knew exactly what cupcake to bake!

Cross Section of Iced Cappuccino after being dipped in milk chocolate

The Iced Cappuccino cupcake is a chocolate mocha base with a cappuccino flavoured meringue buttercream. I decided to make it extra special by making it a 'High-Hat' cupcake and dipping it in milk chocolate...Mmmmm!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Class of 2010

Where does the time go? I was 17 years old and remember clearly holding my first niece in my arms and marveling at how small and gorgeous she was. I would spend all of my free time with her, and often thought to myself  'when you will be 17, I will be...oh my gosh!!!'- She's not there yet (thank goodness), she is now 14 and will be starting her first year of high school in September. So I ask again - Where does the time go???

Vanilla Bean Cupcake filled with Nutella topped with Peanut Butter Buttercream and a fondant graduation cap

Here is a perfect example of how you can use the Flavors Available tab Mix-&-Match to create your own signature cupcake! We used a Vanilla bean cupcake base filled with Nutella and then topped them with a Peanut Butter Buttercream. Knowing that the more 'mature' generation aren't big PB fans we opted to leave some the cupcakes plain and topped them with a Fresh Mixed Berry Buttercream (same buttercream used on the Lemon Berry-Licious).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Double Digits!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T!!!

I am blessed with a beautiful family! One of my nieces turned 10 this month - Double Digits! - I still remember my 10th birthday and how old I thought I was because now two numbers represented my age. Of course I baked cupcakes for this special day! The request was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Now I can't say that I am a 'true' cookie dough fan ( I don't normally like any type of uncooked batter/dough) but these cupcakes were YUMMY!!!!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
This cupcake encompasses a chocolate chip cookie from start to finish. A moist vanilla chocolate chip cupcake is filled with an egg-less cookie dough and then topped with a cookie dough buttercream that has that unmistakable sugary crunch that makes cookie dough so delicious and then topped with an adorable mini chocolate chip cookie.

My First Wedding Order - CONGRATS A & S

OK, So this is where it all began! for those of you who have read my "About Me" will know that it was the compliments from my hubby's co-workers that got me going on my cupcake obsession! I had baked them my Guinness cupcakes filled with a Baileys chocolate ganache topped with a Baileys cream cheese frosting. My cell phone was going to explode for how many compliments my hunny was passing on. One of his co-workers had been searching the city for her 'wedding cupcakes', after devouring her cupcake, she had mentioned the search to my husband and said "This cupcake is to DIE FOR! Do you think she would be interested in baking cupcakes for my wedding?" He answered, like most men would, "let me get back to you". That night, he brought up A's request and at first I thought that she was crazy! I am by no means a professional baker! And these were cupcakes for her WEDDING!!! the event that every girl dreams of! What if I screwed everything up?

After multiple conversations, text messages and sending samples of different cupcakes to my hubby's work (they didn't seem to mind) The bride and groom decided on 3 different kinds of cupcakes for their special day:
Lemon Berry-Licious, Curious George and of course Guinness - the cupcake that started all of this!
Lemon Berry-Licious
The bride also thought that a cutting cake would be a nice addition to the cupcakes so that they have something to 'cut' into - so, another first...FONDANT! The Cake was a success and decorated in the brides theme of fuschia, black and platinum.

Special thanks to Daniela at Pink Pearl Images for the above photo taken at A&S's wedding

Thank you A&S for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of your special day!