Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This past weekend we celebrated my sons first birthday! I can't believe that my little monkey is one already!?! Honestly, when other moms said to me 'time flies', they weren't kidding! I am soooo proud of my little man! He has changed our world and we are sooooo grateful and blessed to have him in our lives!

Now came the hard part - I have been baking for weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and birthdays...What can I make for my sons first birthday that no one would expect? hmmmmm.....

Knowing that his birthday was approaching, I was flip-flopping with ideas and themes for his party for months!!! I didn't want it to be too much, but wanted it to reflect him and his personality. His latest craze/obsession is the cartoon The Backyardigans. The cartoon has some kind of magical power - seriously - the theme song, if played, can silence the craziest crying fit that no cuddling can me, that is magical! 
Now, I didn't want the party to have everything 'backyardigan', I found these great character balloons at Party Packagers and knew that they would be perfect!

Then the ideas started flowing! Books are also a favorite of G's - and for every book that I read, numbers and colours are verbalized - I even point to vegetables in the supermarket, name them and tell him what colour they are! So, I decided to make colours the theme of the party! I searched and searched the internet looking for inspiration and found more than I could imagine. Thank goodness for google search!

Decorations followed, colours EVERYWHERE!!! Crayons on tables covered with poster paper, streamers, balloons, noisemakers, even the candy table and cookies were colourful!

I stumbled upon a post that in the background showed a cake that I HAD to bake! So I prepped everything and was ready to go!

The cake is a very simple white cake recipe. What I absolutely LOVE about this cake is that from the outside it looks simple and perfect...

and cut into this cake and listen to the WOW and OH MY!!!!  it couldn't have been any more PERFECT!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

You are such a thoughtful and awesome mom! Gabe is truly lucky! Sounds like a magical party! He is one lucky monkey! :) I love your blog...your cakes look amazing! I wish we lived cloer and I would hire you as my personal baker! lol


Donna Albini said...

What an amazing cake!!! How the heck did you make that (would you be so inclined as to share that secret with another cake maker??? Love it!!! Amazing!!!
Happy 1st B-day Gabriel!!!!