Saturday, May 28, 2011


It still amazes me how crazy social media is! I think of all the people and orders I have received solely due to people seeing my Facebook Fanpage and the numbers are unreal! I haven't yet put word out in my neighborhood because I am busy enough by word of mouth! So a BIG Thank You to all of those who have supported Cupcakes On The Side and let your family and friends know about me!

Chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream and Dulce de Leche drizzle
I received an email for J's mom requesting cupcakes for his confirmation. She already knew exactly what kind of cupcake J wanted, so we just played with the toppings and she included personalizes labels. I was really happy with the outcome! The Cupcakes were moist and fluffy, the buttercream was smooth and light, and, for me, the clencher was dulce de leche caramel drizzle.

Full cupcake with Label (available in pink, purple, beige & blue)

There is something about that caramel just about to drip off the cupcake that makes me want to scoop it up with my finger! This was a tough cupcake to box up and deliver, I just wanted to brew a fresh coffee and have a silent moment with just me and this cupcake!

Congratulations J on such a  blessful event!

Monday, May 23, 2011

"C" is for COOKIE, and "Z" is for ZAC!!!!

So bittersweet when your baby turns ONE! I love being a part of  first birthdays because its such an event! Its a day where parents look at their little one and smile with such joy, but also weep for how fast the time has past. It is a celebration of what a wonderful little person you have raised. Besides, by the child's second birthday, they start having their own ideas, likes and dislikes. So, first birthdays, in some way, is a chance for mommy and daddy to relive 'their' first birthday party!

I had so much fun baking and decorating this cake and cupcakes. The planning for this party started long before Z's birthday! Zacs' Mommy, who happens to be a great friend, had a clear vision. The main theme of the party would be Cookie Monster accented with blue and white decor. For the cupcakes we decided on a simple vanilla cake and tinted the buttercream blue - of course! We were gonna keep it simple at first, but then we decided to push forward with creativity! I first saw these cupcakes I knew they were going to be PERFECT for the party! Then Z's mommy decided that a smash cake would be MUCH more FUN for Z to get his hands into then just a little cupcake, so this is what happened...
Vanilla Cookie Monster Cake
I was sooooo EXCITED for little Z to get his hands dirty - and boy did he!!!! Given the recent popularity of smash cakes, i have yet to see one of my creations attacked - until now!!!! It was so AMAZING to see his reaction to the cake...the cookie, the texture, that first taste of sweet vanilla buttercream - I was overjoyed! in less than 2 minutes he had both hands full of cake and was covered in blue icing looking absolutely 

Instead of having a larger cake for the friends and family to discreetly eat served on a plate with a fork, we opted for cupcakes (of course) Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and milk chocolate buttercream for the adults, and mini cookie monsters for the little ones :)

Zacs' 1st Birthday was brought to you by the letter Z and the #1

Cookie Monster Cake and Cupcakes was a production of :
Cupcakes On The Side
...hehehe - I couldn't resist ending the post this way ;)