Thursday, August 26, 2010


My niece turned 8 this past week! She is one of those kids who sees the good in everything and makes you smile everyday! She is the girliest girl that I know; has wardrobe changes daily and is always willing to try a new lip gloss or nail polish!

I thought that her dream cupcake would consist of pink and glitter + sparkles... NOPE!
She couldn't decide between chocolate and vanilla cupcakes so we compromised and chose a marble cupcake. Then for the frosting she knew immediately that Nutella had to be in there! She would eat nutella in some shape or form daily if she could!!!

Italian Marble Cupcakes

 So, half of the cupcakes were adorned with a Nutella Swiss Buttercream and the other half with a Vanilla Swiss Buttercream. Thus the 'Italian Marble' Cupcake was born and is now offered under the Favorites Tab.


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