Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Double Digits!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T!!!

I am blessed with a beautiful family! One of my nieces turned 10 this month - Double Digits! - I still remember my 10th birthday and how old I thought I was because now two numbers represented my age. Of course I baked cupcakes for this special day! The request was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Now I can't say that I am a 'true' cookie dough fan ( I don't normally like any type of uncooked batter/dough) but these cupcakes were YUMMY!!!!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
This cupcake encompasses a chocolate chip cookie from start to finish. A moist vanilla chocolate chip cupcake is filled with an egg-less cookie dough and then topped with a cookie dough buttercream that has that unmistakable sugary crunch that makes cookie dough so delicious and then topped with an adorable mini chocolate chip cookie.

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