Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This Birthday cupcake order was one of the easiest thus far! I often ask customers key questions to get to 'know' the recipient of the cupcakes, and for this order - the answer to almost all the questions was CHOCOLATE!!!!

24 Triple Chocolate Threats waiting to be devoured

Who doesn't LOVE chocolate???
This cupcake OOZES chocolate! Hence the title of this blog! The ever popular Guinness Chocolate Cupcake was filled with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache and topped with the most delicious Chocolate Fudge icing...really...I'm not often a lick the spatula kind of girl, but this spatula covered in fudge frosting was SCREAMING my name!!!!

This order was made for a wonderful friend that I have known for many years. We recently have been re-acquainted and have been spending time making great memories for ourselves and our kids! 

To this order, I added Happy Birthday cupcake toppers (pictured below) cause its a fun way to decorate and personalize any cupcake order. I often find decorating cupcakes for boys and men a bit more challenging that girls and women. Cupcake toppers make statement without 'over-doing' it with glitter and sprinkles.

The end product is simple yet mouth watering!

Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake Toppers on Cupcakes

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