Friday, September 24, 2010


Who knew that when I started this venture that it would have me re-connect with so many people who have touched my life in so many different ways! After 'launching' this blog on FB, I received many well wishes from my main circle of friends and family. Quietly the group started to grow and I was flattered to see some old acquaintances support me in this venture.

One of the first emails in my inbox was a childhood friend who grew up right across the street from me. I can recount countless stories from our summers together from swimming in her backyard, gossiping in the sauna, and walking to the corner restaurant to stuff our faces with the greasiest most delicious steak cut french fries that I still crave!

Vanilla Bean and Guinness cupcakes in blue liners

Well, we are all grown up now! and it was time for her little man to be baptized. I was privileged to be asked to bake cupcakes for this event. She decided on the Vanilla Bean cupcakes filled with Dulce De Leche and the Guinness cupcakes. We wanted to incorporate the colour theme of blue, brown so we decided to play with the frosting colour.

The Guinness cupcakes were topped with white buttercream, then 6 of the Vanilla Bean cupcakes were topped with vanilla buttercream tinted blue and the remainder were topped with delicious Nutella buttercream.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special day!
God Bless Sweet Baby L!!!

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