Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello All!

As I am still trying to find my 'happy balance' between work, baking, and most importantly my Mommy duties; there are some of my past baking projects hidden in the 'pictures to post' album. As I scan through these pictures, it seems as though I have taken a bit of a break from cupcakes. I guess the endless taste-testing by my family and friends has hit its limit and a change was in order. Cakes, I find, are challenging. It doesn't help that I tend to lean towards being a perfectionist and am very critical of my work. That, and with cupcakes, it is very easy to make a 'tester' with a little left over batter, whereas with a cake, I don't know until it is sliced and served. That's why serving cake or cupcakes to family has its advantages. Firstly, they are honest - sometimes brutally honest. Secondly, less stress, cause they will love me no matter what! and Thirdly, I get to have a piece and judge for myself!

This delicious cake was baked for my sister-in-law who turned 29.....AGAIN ;)

Chocolate layer cake filled with Vanilla-Toasted Marshmallow Frosting
Covered in Milk Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

I stumbled across this cake recipe and knew that it wouldn't be long before I tried it. Layer cakes have recently become all the rage! The first layer cake that caught my attention was the Rainbow Cake that I baked for my sons first birthday, and this cake I knew would make a birthday appearance FAST!

This cake consisted of 3 decadent layers of moist chocolate cake, layered alternately with a creamy toasted-marshmallow vanilla frosting with bits of actual crispy marshmallows. I know, I know - DELISH right? and why stop there? I frosted this cake with the fluffiest, smooth milk chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and  topped with a toasted marshmallow...YUM! I was told that it was one of my best cakes thus far and tasted DEVINE!!!


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